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Construction of the first social modular homes

Construction of the first social modular homes in the municipality of Limpias, near Asunción, capital of the Republic of Paraguay, has been completed.

The Development is being carried out under a Promotion scheme carried out by the company GAPA with Dª. Paola Flecha as an architect.

These modular homes (a social housing project) consist of an area of 42m2 and have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, kitchen, porch, outdoor laundry area, and a parking space for one car.

The construction system made using the 2D Bidimensional technology using the PREFABRI STEEL Type 3 Panel “Light Concrete”, both on the exterior and interior walls, and also including a thermal insulation sheet placed under the Cover metal roof.

The assembly was carried out in 5 days by local workers, supervised by an Architect of PREFABRI STEEL displaced from Spain. The assembly teams complete the following social modular home at a rate of one per day. The team has been composed of 6 workers, who have finished the house in approximately 240 hours, which is equivalent to less than 6 hours per square meter of house.