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Angola Two-storey Chicken Shed Project
It is Layer House (two floors), two lines of supporting posts made by steel tubes are formed as ground supporting floor system; 4 rows of chicken cages are set on the first floor. This chicken house is the personal project of President of Angola.
1. Size of House£º85m*15m (Length*Width)
2. Net height£º2m (height of ground floor)+3.5m (height of first floor)
3. Roof Slope£º20%
4. Design load of First Floor: 60kg/ sqm
5. Roof Materials: Sandwich Panel, Thickness=50mm
6. Wall Materials: Covered by Curtain
7. Equipped with Steel Staircase and Supporting Bracket of Water Tower. Height of    Water Tower is 6m; 4 buckets are on top of tower, whose capacity is 10 CBM
8. Corridors are set along the direction of width and covered steel checkered    plate. Size of corridor on the first floor: 15*4m and 15*2m
9. Walkway between cages: Wood Walkway
10.  Fitted with Auto-feeding and egg collection equipments
11. Order Qty: 3 sets